Refund Policy

Studypeep has full discretion to determine the eligibility for refunds for order deliveries that a student reports as unsatisfactory where a tutor refuses to mutually cancel an order. Our review team will look at your order session closely and determine whether or not the tutor broke any of our tutoring-service guarantees. Have in mind that if the tutor has provided quality work, they are counting on the income and we need to be fair to them for the safety of our students. If you are to request a refund on a question, we need as much proof as possible on the arbitration request. These evidences include screenshots of anything that helps the moderation team make a decision towards approving the refund.

We will Typically Grant Refunds to Students for:

1) Incomplete answers based on the instructions that you provided, and tutor service description.

2) Unoriginal work with provided proof.

3) Abuse.

4) Excessive poor quality with provided proof.

5) Overdue answers.

6) Lack of further help to the student within reason to comply with originally posted instructions, and with the tutor’s service.

7) High percentage of incomplete answer to the original order request.

All refunds are given as credit on your Studypeep finances balance for use in other orders and NOT to the original funding source.

Refunds are Not Granted for:

1) Ordering a tutor-service that you did not want. (Students should read through a tutor’s offer before ordering to ensure that it addresses everything they need. If anything is needed atop the tutor’s offer, students should contact the tutor offering the service to agree on a custom offer)

2) Orders completed that contain a good review and good interaction between the tutor and the student. Unless the question contains bad quality, is not answered, or not found, you should contact customer support with the link of the question and proof of purchase, so they can check if you are eligible for a refund.

3) Ordering the same service from different tutors to select one from them. Ou

4) Poor quality in general, unless it is excessive. Note that if you are not satisfied with your tutor’s quality, we suggest accepting tutors of a higher ranking in the future. Tutors should be treated fairly especially if they have worked on your question, we expect for you to acknowledge the payment fees.

Refunds to Original Payment Method:

1) When you create a refund request for your order, you will be refunded to your original your Studypeep balance (in the form of credit).

2) If you require a refund to your Original Payment Method, you must reach out to our customer service team with your request.

3) All refund requests are handled on a per-order basis, we do not do bulk refunds.

How We Make Decisions for Refund Request:

1) When escalating your dispute to the support, we will require as much evidence as possible to side with your appeal. We require strong and specific details that would help us make a decision. For example: explanation for poor quality. Screenshots are the best proof. This should be posted on the question’s page conversation board. This way the team will check the order transaction’s page conversation and make a decision based on the evidence provided there. We have to be completely fair with students and tutors especially since they expected this income and they’ve worked on your question. If you do not post this evidence on the question’s page conversation board, we will likely not provide a refund.

2) Students have 5 days to review and decide if they will transfer funds to a tutor or file a refund request. If a student does not take an action within 5 days of completion of a session, the answer will be deemed as satisfactory and confirmed. However, in addition to this, we have a 7 day guarantee period on top of the 5 days review period in which the student can speak to our support agents. We strongly recommend to not release the funds to the tutor if your order has not been fulfilled to your satisfaction. We also recommend that students ask for mutual cancellation with the tutor before escalating the refund request to the student.

3) Whenever you order a tutor service, you need to be as specific as possible on the original instructions sent to the tutor, and also include any contextual requirements. Tutors will be held accountable for completing the question satisfactorily according to the original instructions. Sending revision and modification requests that move away from the initial instructions is not considered in the arbitration process and the tutor is not obliged to fulfill such additional requirements. If additional service is needed, students can agree on the price, which is given as an additional custom offer, and a separate transaction.

All Payments are Final

Once an order has been confirmed by a student, by reviewing a tutor and the service, that payment is final. If you are not satisfied with the answer, you must immediately request a refund for the question after the question’s due date has passed. Once the answer is confirmed by the student, payments are then released by Studypeep to the tutor. Studypeep will not recover or refund such payments. If you confirm the answer and decide later on that you are not satisfied, you will not receive a refund. In the future, please make sure you are satisfied before confirming the payment for an answer.

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