Studypeep is an online microtutoring platform where students receive help from qualified tutors by purchasing verified tutoring service gigs from them. Here, students get to communicate easily and speedily with their tutors. On top of this, we have made finding tutors to assist with assignments extra easy. Students only have to search for tutor-services, select a tutoring service and send messages to the tutor. Upon confirmation, our platform lets the student make 100% deposit for the tutor to start working on the assignment. After delivery, the student simply reviews the work and releases the  money or asks for a revision on the work.

Besides this, we have made it pretty easy for students to help other students, on the dashboard, students can post gigs to help their peeps and earn from this. Payments are handled with PayPal to ensure that security is upheld for all students. We have also made the disputation process very easy. Students only have to dispute the order and provide information to that effect. The support team will review the dispute and refund the student if the tutor failed to deliver work as per their agreement. We give 100% refunds.

In essence, Studypeep has revolutionized the world of microtutoring by making it way easy to find tutors and collaborate through direct messages and notifications. To join our growing community of tutors and students, kindly sign up now , to learn how our platform works, kindly follow this link to “How it Works”